Women’s health (DM233) । Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery । Gurukul Nursing

The course focuses on adolescents and women’s reproductive health across the lifespan (adolescence through menopause) in Bangladesh. Conditions which compromise the health of adolescents and women alongside issues relating to family planning, infertility, early pregnancy, mental health, gynaecological issues (STIs, breast and cervical cancer) and women‟s health screening are covered in the course. Physical assessment of the well woman is included in this course along with family planning, GBV, MR, CMR, trauma based care, adolescent care, care in humanitarian settings and GYN midwifery pharmacology.



OSCA’s: Normal:  well woman physical exam, Complicated: VIA, Complicated: IUD insertion,


Complicated: GBV/CMR, Complicated: STI #1

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