Complicated Maternity Experience (DM234) । Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery । Gurukul Nursing

This course develops knowledge and skills needed for identification and management of complications in the maternity experience, in particular the „big five‟ causes of maternal death, focusing on pathophysiology, midwifery assessment, treatment and appropriate management of the major causes of maternal and neonatal death in Bangladesh. The course also includes teaching about diagnosis, algorhythms and obstetric emergencies including EmONC signal functions, labour with scarred uterus, detecting and managing IUGR, foetal demise and consulting, referring and activating emergency response. Also reviewed are pathology and medical conditions (including STIs, fistulas, communicable diseases and NCDs), that impact on women‟s health.


OSCA’s: OB Emergency- HMS-Bleeding after birth (PPH), HMS- Pre/eclampsia, Helping babies‟ breath (HBB), Prolonged/obstructed labour, Shoulder dystocia, Cord prolapse, Breech, Complications-ANC assessment, Labor assessment, NB Assessment.\

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